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Irony A’Stir

Four iced-tea spoons lie in the drawer
Four iced-tea spoons je t’adore
Long sleek waves sweep down the stem
Lush silver elegance with a rose at the end

A jasmine brew with ice drops a‘clink
Announce long summer days, cold, cold drink
A hammock to sway in the kind evening breeze
Swirling the ice ‘til the glass is a’freeze

Three iced-tea spoons a’heap in the drawer
Three iced-tea spoons I abhor
One on the counter upon the spoon rest
Come Monday morn rise early and dressed

A breakfast blend dark roast quickly a’grind
Announcing the weekend left quite behind
One spoon in the drawer that goes to the length
To stir up the coffee, the work-a-day drink

The ritual on Friday a’fore we rush out the door
The ritual on Friday ‘taint really a chore
Ditch the iced-tea spoons in the washer of dish
T’won’t need tall travel mugs ‘til Monday I wish!

© Jilly's 

Join in the fun over at dVerse where we are stirring up some Irony!


A wild soul writing poetry.

16 thoughts on “Irony A’Stir

  1. You got the rhyming verses here, like a familiar child’s story ! Can’t wait for Friday to rush out and enjoy the weekend ~

    I enjoyed this one Jilly ~


  2. Irony Astir! I love all the spoons, Jilly, and the ‘washer of dish’! The structure and rhythm remind me of ‘Five current buns in the baker’s shop’ or ‘Five little ducks went swimming one day’ – a nursery rhyme for adults 😉


  3. Ah, it’s Friday as I respond. Is that dreaded spoon secreted away in the dishwasher? More importantly — will you ever be able to look at a tall glass of iced tea again, and not shudder? The symbol of indolence has become….

    Beautifully done!


  4. Love how the spoons are the countdown to that delicious thing called the weekend! Lovely write.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]


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