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A Year Yearning

I feel guilty indulging in
                depression or is it
just malaise?
in Florida
in February

                I mean

after all those people with
dry skin enduring
late-season snow blackened
by ill-use and exhaust

while I sit
back on my lawn chair pondering a weeping
palm against
a cloud lit orange by the reflective
lights of Orlando sipping

wine wondering
how a year has


since flying into O’Hare
racing unsuccessfully
to beat out the storm
of the year
on I-94
wondering if a funeral can be snowed

© Jilly's 

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15 thoughts on “A Year Yearning

  1. I feel guilty indulging in depression even in Chicago, but I have been on I-94 with the snow coming down, or heavy rain. The worst is being on I-94 in slow traffic.


    1. We wrapped around the end of the Lake in a rental car with bad tires in a blizzard. Of course, it’s like riding a bike – even decades later. Only a funeral would get me back in February.


    1. Actually, we aren’t snow birds. We live in Florida but had to travel to Michigan for my Mom’s funeral. The irony, even a year later, drifted like snow. Love your description of 94! Thanks for reading 🙂


  2. I wanted to respond earlier to your poem, Jill. The irony of sympathizing with those who suffer in the not-so-great white north while dealing with your own cold reality — the loss of a loved one. And the kicker, “…wondering if a funeral can be snowed

    Irony CAN be humorous. In this case, irony can be heart-stopping.

    What a great poem, Jill.


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