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Vulnerable Moment

What do women think
When they watch each other?
You asked me at the club
Tonight.  Fashion ideas?
Or a critique?

I’m glad I’m not that
I said, or
I wish I were that,

And sometimes, rarely, when
There is eye contact
For a pleading, vulnerable
Moment, a cry
And then it is gone.

© Jilly’s 2016

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Photo by C Lyman ©  Used with permission




A wild soul writing poetry.

16 thoughts on “Vulnerable Moment

  1. I enjoy the way you take us from the conversation of two into the head of one, giving away the deep, dark secrets of female interaction as your poet’s voice sees it. From now on I will cease to hear cat growls and hisses when I see women looking each other over in a club.

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  2. Tis very good Jilly, and it made me think.
    I guess we are all vulnerable to the opinions of others, whether they be male or female – yet I think we all size up others…
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

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  3. I have always wondered what women think when they meet each other. I must confess to not thinking they were so compassionate. As a woman, I am more used to dealing with men and their more forthright attitudes. Women are a mystery to me.


    1. At times, people are a mystery to me – both genders. However, I tend towards a great deal of empathy and see that moment when someone gives away the inner soul, if just for a fleeting moment. The first half of the poem (I’m glad I’m not that / I wish I were that) are the surmises a people-watcher.


      1. It is excellent. I’m a retired engineer and often short on imagination. I sometimes wonder myself but then go back to my formulae and such. It’s great to read when other people do that empathy thing.

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  4. Very late to read — apologies. But not too late to enjoy!
    oh the image, that cosmopolitan…..and two women who sit and see each other — there is a distance and perhaps a connection across folks talking, clinking glasses. You’ve captured this moment — the wondering of it — and the fleeting aspect of that connection. Well done.

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    1. Thank you, Lillian! I appreciate your reading – I always know I’ve hit the mark with your insight 🙂 (So, that pink drink is a cosmo? We were table sharing. Now I know!)


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