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Writing Prompt #3

Mining for lines again!  Actually, it feels more like ‘fishing’ and I am the fish.  While my poet-husband reads aloud, lines are dropped with bait on them and lure me to bite.  (You caught me – I fished Lake Michigan for a number of years in my youth.)  Rudely interrupting his reading, I say , “Wait, wait, wait!  Go back – read that line again – the one that starts with…”    He is so patient to reread the line, even write it down for me.  (This is what happens when poet nerds marry!)  This line came from Uriel by Emerson and it screamed at me with possibility.  I’ve already written a poem, but it continues to dance around in my head, asking for a fictional counterpart.  Hmmm… waiting for it.

“A forgetting wind”

I challenge you to start with this line and see where it takes you.  If it ignites creativity, please share – I’d love to read what you write!

Cheers!  Jilly  🙂




A wild soul writing poetry.

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