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Sevenling (Post Rain the Lake)

Post rain the lake
Reflects butter clouds, avocado woods, Stilton sky
Impenetrable hues Moneted in twilight

Pre-breakfast the bowl
Holds northern firmament berries, cumulous yogurt, oak-bark granola
Profuse tones Flayed in daybreak

Opus mornings dance across the staff toward concerto nights

© Jilly’s 2016 Words & Photos

Stop by dVerse Poet’s Pub for a musical bit of Sevenling!



A wild soul writing poetry.

28 thoughts on “Sevenling (Post Rain the Lake)

  1. I admire the lyrical description of clouds, wood, sky, and that breakfast bowl – yummy! Love the morning dance from twilight to daybreak ~

    Thanks for joining us Jilly!!

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  2. How beautiful this is with the gentle references to music that plays throughout the day into the night. I love your descriptions using food for the lake scene and then your nature references for the yogurt, berries and granola. Yes, maybe a snack is needed now!


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