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Going Live

“Write out of the overflow of your life.”

~ Brian Miller

What was once called
My Ideal Job

To what I loved before

Six twenty-fives
Chasing paperless paper

The journey
The students
The river
Lives floating through
Carried by the tide
And then they are gone
Replaced by new

The overflow
The overflow

© Jilly’s 2016

Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of dVerse Poet’s Pub with a quadrille!



A wild soul writing poetry.

24 thoughts on “Going Live

  1. You have the patience of Job to be a teacher… and I would know, being one myself! I liked how you took advice from the interview and wove it into a beautiful paeon [A paean (pronounced PEE-in, sometimes spelled pean) is a fervent expression of joy or praise, often in song] to the teaching process. You truly do write from the overflow of your life, and you do it artfully, Jilly!

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  2. Ah Jilly — the rewards of teaching — those students flowing through our lives. I just had coffee three mornings ago with a young woman who was once my 10th grade English student in Marengo, Iowa — and had the lead role in a high school play I directed….that was in 1972! And I’d not seen her since then. It was absolutely amazing to receive the call that she would be in Boston — and more amazing to reconnect after all these years and “catch up.” Teachers make a difference…… guess is you are a fabulous one!

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    1. What a story! I love those affirming moments. I was caught up in a bear hug at the grocery store this spring by a former student who said he was talking about me in his college English class – scary 🙂 LOL


  3. Wow, you are very lucky to have this kind of vocation and job that you love. I am married to one so I know a bit of the magic of that journey, the overflow, the overflow of so much love and hope for the students. Thanks for joining us!!!

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  4. I am a teacher as well although they refer to us as “educators” in early childhood. It is truly amazing to see those we have influenced years later. I could often predict their path by the interests they pursued at an early age. I love how you used Brian’s quote to spark your poem.

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