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The One Who Slipped Through

“I challenge you to write about something you were told and believed as a child.”

Thus challenged by Zoe, here is my offering.

She would not the credit share
The second job for gifting faire
To celebrate that night of birth
Mere legend could not steal the worth

Eggs were dyed and hidden round
Baskets laid with sweets unfound
New dress new shoes oh what a day
No rabbit there could have a sway

Now, lest you think deprival there
Could cause a lonely childhood bare
Do stay and hear this story through
Of quarter-born in search of tooth

She slipped beneath the window sill
Flew bravely through the night most still
This child yet holds within her heart
That fairies always do their part

© Jilly's 2016
Image found at ToothFairy.Org


A wild soul writing poetry.

3 thoughts on “The One Who Slipped Through

  1. Wow! You had one more child-like belief than I. Your poem has a wonderful cadence… something like a remembered children’s nursery rhyme, but with an adult’s sensibilities. I really like the voice that comes through this poem!

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