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Musings on What Helps My Writing Process

  1. 1. Let the Crazy Child Write by Clive Matson
It’s terribly beatnik in style and gives me permission… 
for whatever I write and however I write
  1. 2. How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas Foster
Analyzing how the great’s do it helps me limp into that realm 
of being an intentional writer
  1. 3. Setting aside writing times and places
One example, Sunday morning at the market, 
coffee, same breakfast, same chair. 
This hour or two belong to me.
  1. 4. Doing it my way (sing it, Frank!)
There are all kinds of edicts out there 
– X # of words per day, etc.
I have a career that I love and that provides a paycheck, 
so I’m not writing for the money.  
That means I am the boss over this gig!
  1. 5. Wearing high heels
What?  It makes me feel good and that confidence 
translates into my writing.
  1. 6. Married my writing partner
This actually tops the list. We encourage each other, 
bounce ideas, offer suggestions, play editor, make coffee, 
whatever it takes to keep us both in the words.
  1. 7. Read other writers
I avoid reading too much of things that are similar in 
style and genre to my own writing because it keeps me from 
the toxicity of comparisons.  
There are always those who are better at the craft 
and that can lead to despair.  
Likewise, there are those who have underdeveloped 
writing talents and that gives birth to ego.  
I read and adore the greats of lit -
keeps me in the language of great writing.  
And, of course, I read for the pure joy of story.

What do YOU do to boost YOUR personal writing process?
Please, please, do share!  


A wild soul writing poetry.

4 thoughts on “Musings on What Helps My Writing Process

  1. Let’s see… I intentionally fall asleep not thinking about writing at all. Wake up — either groggy or refreshed — and spend most of my workday not thinking about writing. I sit down toward evening and creative center takes control. And, as they say in the write-ups, mayhem ensues.

    Oh yeah, I read like a fiend. And I habitually play with words, word meanings, and the abuse of words.

    A glass of port helps, too.


    1. I like how you ignore the muse and call the shots on your creative process. Also, I resonate with that glass of port; cheap port and a coloring book with crayons – that’s how I got through college! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. Aw man, I’m mad jealous that you’re married to a fellow writer! My boyfriend’s a semi-literate, video game playing goon. LOL, I love him to death, but I cannot for the life of me get him to bounce ideas around with me when I need it, try as he might XD

    These are some good ideas. Many of these I do, or approximate, in my own approach… but I love the idea of going to the same place, same table, same time each week to write. Sounds very grounding. Routines are helpful, but I’ve got so much trouble sticking with them.

    The heels tho — NEVER, NEVER. I do admire your fortitude and balance 😉

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    1. Okay, so the heels are not exactly stiletto (a word that scored me about a gazillion scrabble points once) ! My husband is a good source for bouncing ideas, but he is biased. I tend to not believe him when he says something is great. No, wait, it’s that inner editor again! Sometimes, the best things happen when I am alone, pacing and talking to the walls.


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