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Farewell to Solstice

There was death for the asking in the sweet, saturated air, catalpas in flower and green garden hair of wisteria. Baskets hanging heavy with Love Lies Bleeding, strangling tendrils enfolding themselves around mold and moss covered pillars.  Humid and dank, the air grew headier with each step, the door disappearing in the bottle green light.  A pandemonium sky, clouds sprinting frenetically overhead, but in the garden all was hushed, save for the wasp bouncing against the window, stabbing at the sun, grabbing for the grass, the trees.  This was her dominion; chipped clay pots, bins of compost, decayed to perfection, seedling trays, and toads finding refuge under darkened benches.

Sad, she shot summer until bitter autumn, clothed in rags and finery moved in and set up light housekeeping in her core. The Maples, wretched and angry, reached into her eyes and yanked tears to water their dry and dusty roots, purple veined leaves mirroring the lingering welt on her throat. “If I live like that storm,” she whispered in her evening of despondency, “I will become unvarnished wood.”  She reached for the rotting bench to steady her weakness and longing.  As night fell, she wrapped a wool cloak around her shoulders and walked the stony avenue to his grave and danced lightly upon it in the moonless dark and returning late, she only knew it was raining by the pock marks on the lake.

© Jilly’s 2016


A wild soul writing poetry.

11 thoughts on “Farewell to Solstice

  1. Jilly, you’ve really charged this story with electrical fire… like the storm brewing in the distance! You’ve set a wicked tone, and developed a character that intimidates. Wonderful writing!

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  2. Loved the sultry, southern gothic-ish atmosphere here. Love Lies Bleeding is such a great name for a flower isn’t it?! A perfect choice for this piece… and the concluding image of “pock marks on the lake” is glorious


      1. Thanks for permission and for the last name! So many (you included) (shaking my finger at you in concern) don’t take full credit for their work on their blogs. I think it makes entries easier for others to rip off, although I’ve also found some of mine, without my name, that have shown up on other people’s sites. The downside of the internet, I guess.


      2. Thanks, Sarah. The down side is that I teach public school and if I post anything that includes references to alcohol or sex, my job is at risk. I try to protect my playground from Big Brother.


      3. Oh my gosh! We really have turned Victorian, haven’t we! My mother was fired when she got married in 1941. They waited until second semester started, so she couldn’t be fired until school was done for the year. Such stupidity. We’re back to keeping our teachers in test tubes and uncorking them every morning to go to the classroom. Such nonsense.
        So now that I have your name for the class, take it off your blog quick!! Big brother is alive and well……

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      4. Every time I use the sound cloud my name is on it, so I can’t completely scrub, but the chances of hits on a search go higher if my last name is on my blog. Your mom’s story is a testimony to our stupidity in this world. Good luck with your class; I would love to be your student!

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