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Mean Man Blues

Heave my blues
Up in that dark sky
Trudge that ugly water
A bitter boiling roiling sleep
Soaking those tossing and turning sheets
Summer sweat panting
Drunk out of my mind
With loving you
Hot winds surround me

Chant those rusty water blues
Oxidize my fool heart
Battered, bruised
For loving you
Turn your mean face to that shadow
Of night’s betrayal star
And tell me when you will
Burn back to me
Hot winds surround me

My nerves
My wild nerves
Jumpin’ all night long
That aching bad blood
Intuition of the soul
Take my tired feet out on that dry
And dusty road
Slog beside the river
Hot winds surround me

Cyclone round the mountains
His hot ash words
Breathe the lonely road
Dust and gravel in my throat
Hot winds surrounds me

Each easy flame
Hubcap the need
Like there are no crossroads
Can’t flag a ride
A virus in my mind
Hot winds surround me
© Jilly’s 2016

Join Mish and the rest of the Pub crawlers over at 
dVerse for a bit of song writing
on this Poetics Tuesday!

Hard to write Mean Man Blues when you love and live with
such a fine man as mine! Crawled into a low-down narrative
soul for this one!


A wild soul writing poetry.

15 thoughts on “Mean Man Blues

  1. Shemekia Copeland, Bonnie Raitt, Beth Hart… no, wait! Big Mama Thornton on her meanest day! Mm mm! I see hands raised in the audience, waving the singer on, the band tough as tough can be. Play the blues! Great mean lines in this poem song.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh.. Lord yes..
    a World of polar
    opposite Loves as
    Bad boy Bees gRow oN
    to save the
    Land.. to
    Win the
    buzz iS
    change iS
    as beta males
    are now the
    aS Love..
    butT aT lEast
    NatUre has a
    sinCe noW
    oF DrieduP
    as Honey Desserts
    leave Loves BEhind..;)


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