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Ever at Fernwood

Three alarms, one ironic, one aromatic and a third that is only essential if we talk very late into the night and are found sleep-deprived at 5:30.  Brubeck, Desmond, Morello induce us to Take Five at five fifteen, a jazzy irony not lost on our sleepy heads.  Ten minutes later the ritual of filter, water, beans and timer launches into a jet engine grind one flight down, set each evening before.  Your hand reaches for mine, or some days, the other way around; the perfection of another day with you.  Your feet hit the floor as you reach for the blat, blat, blat clock that would be; insult averted. And you bring coffee, not a mystery, except that of which cup you choose – yellow sunshine, blue cobalt, or the I Love You / I Love You More set.  Fifteen stolen minutes with the curtains drawn back to face east and see the sun rising or the rain falling, the hawk and jays in combat, and you and I, harmony of souls.

The rhythm of days

Seasons play out before us

Perennial are we


© Jilly’s 2016

June 8, 2005 Fernwood Botanical Gardens
For C

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A wild soul writing poetry.

18 thoughts on “Ever at Fernwood

  1. Sounds like the owner of the hand you reach for is lucky… blessed, Jilly! And the reference to Fernwood… a place the two of you lived? Whatever, it sounds blissful. He brings you coffee… good boy!

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  2. Sounds wonderful except the getting up at 5:30AM…I am not a morning person! I always set an alarm on my phone when I have to get up and it’s a pleasant tinkling sound not that blat, blat, blat of an alarm clock. I really do not like that sound…but I love the sweet way you wake up.


    1. There is this little jazz dive that my husband and I frequent and we know the guys in the band. They know that we come with notebooks and write poetry – I think they are flattered that we find inspiration in their music. However, I draw the line at turtlenecks and berets 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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  3. Ok, I’m still laughing about turtle necks and berets in your comment to sarah, but I’ll get this out…..this was a sweet haibun. You made a daily morning routine sound so romantic.

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