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Not MY Mistake!

My old friend Roy has changed his name
My indignation over the loss of indigo
Has boiled to the top; 
Oh! The spectrum of his shame
He joins the passenger pigeon and alas, the fated dodo
And don’t get me started on how Pluto
Completely takes away 
My Very Excellent Mother’s ability
To bring us an extra-large pizza with mushrooms and cheese

Somehow, it seems, there is a failure when I decorate
Or while picking through my bounteous box of ninety eight
Didn’t there used to be a greater variety
The lack of color options is certainly an impropriety!

One last word on this most tender of subject
Then I will rest my case and my thoughts collect
Whatever will become of both the bunting and the mood
Who have lost their hue connection to indigo for good?

© Jilly's 2016

In honor and regret over Roy G Biv and
My Very Excellent Mother Just Brought Us Nine Pizzas :)

Join us over at dVerse for a wallow in mistakes!


A wild soul writing poetry.

25 thoughts on “Not MY Mistake!

  1. Don’t feel bad, Pluto. I’m not a planet either. I think you hit two pet peeves with one stone… or something like it. Great poem, because it bemoans with rye humor… er, wry humor. Very funny… and not at all your fault.


  2. I have grieved the loss of Pluto for YEARS. There is so little I remember from Science class, and the order of the planets was one of the few. I did not know about indigo. How could Roy G. Biv betray us so? Ah. Goodness.

    (Loved this.)

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  3. Love this. I totally enjoyed the fact that you took the prompt in a humorous way….although those of us who were utterly devastated by the Pluto fiasco may not quite be ready to laugh even yet 😛 Thank you for joining in with us…..this was so much fun to read!

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  4. Wait – indigo is not a color? I always like that color and still do (whether it’s a color or not doesn’t matter in my mind). The saying you learn something new every day has been proven true today. Great poem.

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    1. It has lost it’s status in the color spectrum – Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Violet. In otherwords, they are rewriting the textbooks! I think we should all color our worlds as indigo as we possibly can 🙂 Thanks for reading


  5. Wait – indigo is not color? I always like that color and will continue to do so (whether it’s a color or not doesn’t matter to me). The saying that you learn something new everyday was proven today. Great poem.


  6. Funny.. how the loss
    of colors.. like Indigo
    in the color wheel can
    relate to even a real Zombie
    Apocalypse wHere science
    shows Students have loss
    around 30% of the
    nuanced colors
    of eXpreSSinG
    empathy now..
    over the course
    of the last several
    decades.. of course..
    The colors of the wind
    no longer SinG A royal INdiGo..:)

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