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Mining For Lines

In search of a muse, the lines of other writers often provide inspiration in the most remarkable ways!  When I read; whether a novel, poetry, drama, or non-fiction, I like to use an index card as my bookmark.  When memorable lines of inspiration show up they are written down.  (I also write down things I want to reference later, like new words or intriguing ideas.)  Other times, when I want to be writing but don’t find the inspiration, I pick up whatever is on the coffee-table, and there are stacks, and just leaf through.  I am looking for a turn of phrase or anything that jumps out with imagery.  These get jotted down in a notebook and become the jumping-off point for something new.  I highly recommend it!

This begins a new category on Jilly’s 2016; a place to put writing prompts and a clearing house for what I dig up in my mining expeditions. If you find some inspiration here, please let me know so that I can read your words and celebrate the visit of the muse with you!

28 Days of Unreason prompts, using selected lines from Jim Harrision’s Songs of Unreason, have been connected to this category.  Good stuff!

Cheers!  Jilly 🙂




A wild soul writing poetry.

2 thoughts on “Mining For Lines

  1. That’s a great idea to use index cards as book marks, and great to use your blog to keep and organize all your ideas in one place. Best of luck with your blog!


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