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In the Midst of Battle

Sea breezes tracking 
Like coastal scouts
Followed by
Angry radar lines
Brawling where they meet
At the front

Raging war of hot air
Throwing spears
Cannon fire
In a volley of ire

Run for cover
Pour the wine
Draw the blind

Rainy season

© Jilly's 2016

Bjorn is tending bar over at dVerse Poet’s Pub tonight
where we are writing quadrilles that include the word ‘breeze.’
Should be a piece of cake, or a …. 🙂
Join us!


A wild soul writing poetry.

27 thoughts on “In the Midst of Battle

  1. There’s a riot going on! Great take on the epic battle between east and west. Only someone who lives on a peninsula will understand the dynamics that make for this show. Wonderful poem, Jilly! Pour one for me; I’m ducking for cover!


  2. We are just coming out of a rainy season. I’m glad the sun is here. Describing this as a battle was so very original. I truly liked this.

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  3. Not sure If I’d like to be around these battles in the skies…very interesting. We will get our share of crazy thunderstorms though. I admire your word choices like “coastal scouts” and “volley of ire”…

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