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Day 28

How quickly, and yet, how slowly, the 28 Days of Unreason draws to a close.  These lines from Songs of Unreason by Jim Harrison have been some of the most powerful writing prompts I have encountered.  This adventure represents a larger version of what I call ‘Mining for Lines’ in my daily life.  Recently, while sitting in my favorite coffee shop, I picked up a coverless, battered copy of the short novels of Steinbeck and flipped through the pages for lines to offer potential inspiration.  One of those lines lead to my first attempt at Flash Fiction (Geraniums Grew Among the Weeds.)

Thank you to Charley for joining in these 28 Days and writing some amazing lines of his own! 🙂

Here is today’s post prompt:

“Why does the mind compose this music well before the words occur?”

~Jim Harrison



A wild soul writing poetry.

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