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Adagio for Seacrest Beach

Coffee, we two, 
upon the sand
mind dancing in the sea spray, 
the sky sings a symphony of sunrise, 
the soft night subsides, warm voice surrounds the clouds of vastness, 
stars, a universe of fading fish and the fiddle crabs compose naked 
poetry to please the breeze.  
Life worships and whirls sweet on our still skin, 
quivering like the rip tide that will burst in 
on the wake of dolphins who would remember the honeyed music of time 
if we but ask them to run toward the liquid kisses of dayshine.  
We, the water, watch the beat of the ship’s shadow passing above 
our heads, 
turning to rust in our coffee cups.

© Jilly's 2016

Day 28 of 28 Days of Unreason

“Why does the mind compose this music well before the words occur?”

~ Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason



A wild soul writing poetry.

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