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A Watery Farewell

I am very bad with good-byes, they make me sneeze and cry.  Abhra, I hope we will meet again!  Thank you for hosting; go and be glorious! And stop around for tea when you have a moment 🙂

Okay, so I didn’t really hold true to the spirit of the prompt. Forgive me, Abhra and my fine dVerse friends!  Silly Jilly strikes again 🙂

Sir Cockroach he did come straight in
Right under the leaky front door trim
He did not knock nor ring the bell
He did not hear ‘Please, sit a spell!’

‘How rude’ said I 'that he should be
Upon the bathroom tile with me!'
And so I served him breakfast true
A rubber waffled tennis shoe

And seeing how he was so crushed
Suggested cards, a royal flush
I bade goodbye and then retract
What I really meant was ‘Don’t come back!’

© Jilly's 2016

Come and join us at dVerse! Abhra is tending bar tonight.


A wild soul writing poetry.

17 thoughts on “A Watery Farewell

  1. Oh, gosh, what a tragic tale, hahaha. (I kid. I loathe bugs. To my mind, justice was served.) I had to read it over a couple of times to catch all the wordplay; I’m hopelessly dense with this kind of stuff. My fave was “waffled tennis shoe.”

    This was a lovely respite from all the gloom and melancholy. A good reminder that some permanent goodbyes really are for the best! 😉

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  2. ROF… er, whatever that contraction was. I’m laughing heartily! It tells me you’re not somebody to bug. Great post! Too bad I have to miss tonight; I’m sure I would miss the spirit of sadness by a (s)mile.


    1. So it comes as no surprise that I had all of the nursery rhymes memorized before I could read? Throw in a dash of warped humor and a crazy husband…. 🙂 Thanks, Walt!


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