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The Stars Dig Jazz

“If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know.” ~ Louis Armstrong

A cryptic blending of reds, lights diminished to keep the eyes from chasing changes, we augment the chops of the frog improv with our late-night laughter on the back deck, grooving on the hunter, the dipper, and the lesser light hitting its stride. The syncopation of our daylight finds fusion blowing on the sky, modulating to a darker shade of blue.

Soft the scent of stars

Mingled jazz lofts floats above

The murmur of day

© Jilly’s 2016


Toni is tending bar over at dVerse
where we are exploring how we relax on this Haibun Monday.  
Come join us!





A wild soul writing poetry & fiction while teaching high school literature, all with a camera in tow.

38 thoughts on “The Stars Dig Jazz

  1. Ah, Jilly, you are Miles ahead of me in this downbeat relaxation riff! Too cool your jets on piece of hot wood at the end of the light is what I do to Take Five as well.

    Hip poem! Dig those beatnik peace frogs doing improve!

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  2. Loving all the synesthesia! I can feel how light lights, the music, the changing sky, and the warm air all blend together to create that mellow, happy, half-drunken mood 🙂 And the free-wheeling leaps of association you take in your composition definitely suit the subject-matter. So many delightful, unexpected turns of phrase! You’ve managed to capture the haze, the bustle, and the bubbling pleasure of late summer nights spent listening to live music. This was such a fun read, thank you 😀

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  3. I grew up in a jazz joint. A place called Rumours – Where Everything You Hear is True. If you were writing to a particular jazz – I nearly said song – I can’t place it. Loved it!


    1. Thank you! I often write to jazz, in fact we go to a club where the band (friends) expect us to be writing poetry and want to read during their break. The creative process at its finest!


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