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“Words are moving water, muddy, clear, or both”



the words burble

and chatter over the

rocky places making them smooth



© Jill’s 2016

Day 20 of 28 Days of Unreason



A wild soul writing poetry & fiction while teaching high school literature, all with a camera in tow.

2 thoughts on “Clarity

  1. I like what I think I see in your poem: it’s the rocky places we face that teach us to be clear with our words. If that wasn’t really what you meant, humor me and nod your head. I know that sometimes the beholder sees beauty unintended by the giver. I enjoy your poems, Jilly, and I’ve been learning a lot, seeing how you respond to a prompt compared to how I do.

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    1. The reader is, afterall, the ‘completer’ of the writing. It doesn’t really matter what I intended, as with any poetry. That being said, you have a slight twist on what was in my writing head and I love that there are multiple angles, like walking around a sculpture. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

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