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Bird Calls

These fish are my fish

These fish are mine

These fish are all my fish.

Great Blue Heron




Don’t need no salt-shaker

Don’t need no salt-shaker

Black Vulture


How do you do

That voodoo

That voodoo

That over-night


Great Horned Owl


I think, think, think

I need horn-rimmed glasses

To see who dipped my huge

Wings in black ink, ink, ink.

Wood Stork


He-bop and she-bop

And all-night-long

Don’t stop that

Be-bop that


Charlie Parker

© Jilly’s 2016

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A wild soul writing poetry & fiction while teaching high school literature, all with a camera in tow.

12 thoughts on “Bird Calls

  1. This was totally fun! I saw a Wood Stork the other day at a neighborhood pond…they are the saddest looking birds and seem very serious. No those Vultures don’t need any salt…haha! There were Vultures down there at the pond too… Thanks for sharing, Jilly!
    Gayle ~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I believe we all live in the same general region – we are in Orlando 🙂 This was inspired by the company in our ‘lake.’ I only omitted the Sand Hills. Thanks for your generous comments and for hosting.


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