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Nature Has Portals Rather Than Doors

fishknob to some

where fly-line

cast of a thousand

schools reeling

in absurdity

leaping gates

epic questing


threshold of a spawn

storm door


headway to headwaters

cycle to circle

now whole

Β© Jilly’s 2016

The title of this poem taken from Songs of Unreason

by James Harrison

Lillian is tending the bar over at dVerse Poet’s Pub, come on over and have a look at the great poetry happening there!



A wild soul writing poetry & fiction while teaching high school literature, all with a camera in tow.

18 thoughts on “Nature Has Portals Rather Than Doors

  1. Having been in Alaska in time to watch the salmon run — I really was transported back in time to seeing these amazingly beautiful red fish spawning in cold clear streams. I too like mention of the “storm door’ — when I included that in the prompt’s list of different types of doors I thought for sure someone would write of a stormy relationships or a storm cloud temper πŸ™‚
    This is a wonderful poem about the cycle of life as it relates to nature, the metaphor to the door –
    and love the photo! Is that door in your house?
    Perhaps you could put a mention of dVerse at the end of the poem so folks could be directed to the site, should they be interested in learning about the group and possibly seeing what others have written? Just a link to dVerse would be grand.

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    1. Thanks, Lillian! I am fairly new to dVerse and need all the guidance I can get. I’ll include a link in the near future. Oh, and that door knob…. it’s at Epcot! It caught my eye recently and just begged to be snapped πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! The title is a James Harrison quote. I’m using lines from one of his books as prompts for May. Glad you experienced the wild splash; thanks for reading:)


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