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28 Days of Unreason

This past year we read Songs of Unreason by Jim Harrison.  Each page left me breathless, humbled, and compelled.  On April 26th, dVerse Poet’s Pub posed this prompt:  Write about a poet you know … how you as a reader connect to their words.  The only rule is do not mention the poet.  The prompt was designed to be a poem about another dVerse poet that you secretly admire, but since this was my very first visit to the pub, I wrote about Jim Harrison.  I had read several pages of Songs that afternoon and the physical response was, as always, palpable.  My poem Secretly Admiring was a feeble attempt to express that feeling, the physical, emotional, and mental.  Now that the frenzy of April has ended, I have decided to explore that unreasonable experience more completely.  With that in mind, I have randomly selected 28 quotes from Harrison’s 2011 award-winner that are thought-provoking and beautiful.  I will post a quote and then, hopefully write a poem that is birthed of the inspiration.  If you find inspiration of your own in any of the quotes, feel free to join me!

Let me know!



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