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There Is No Balance


there beneath

dimpled laptop

holder of all things

work the half sheets of secret

thoughts drained off in small squirts

answer email coach student essayists grade

modest summaries of Swift epic hero analysis narrative accounts


words berate

headache of verse

clamors against sinus

cavities eardrumming

mutter placations of ego look

at me listen to me write me procrastinate

drag working feet no further no farther stop Englishing

correcting red penciling penicillin of the soul must be unleashed


I slide the paper

from the hiding place

pen scrawl pay obeisance stanza

back and survey that which I have little sway

over less credit for merely a vessel holding ink





© Jilly’s 2016

Only Breathing

dVerse Prompt: As April winds down, let’s take a moment as a community to consider what it is we do to create balance in our lives. What do you do to integrate work, family, exercise, leisure and spiritual commitments with writing, posting, reading and commenting on your blog?



A wild soul writing poetry.

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